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Zeil Ukay Ukay

Shop 2
Eiffel Gardens 4
Al Waha Street
Al Quoz 3 

Zeil has entered into the vibrant area of Al Quoz 3.

Located on Al Waha Street surrounded by G4S & Transguard labour accomodation, zeil is located in the ground floor of a very famous building of Eiffel 4.

The clock has hardly struck six in the morning, but many have already begun to line up to buy a tea & paratha or board the staff transportation to join the morning shift.

Al Quoz 3 is a 24 hours area, supermarkets and restaurants are open 24/7.

There is a large labour community in the area comprising of nationals from India / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Nepal / Philippines / Sri Lanka and from different parts of Africa.

Testimonial from one of our Al Quoz Client :

“As this is my first vacation, I want to take gifts for my family and relatives.
Many have requested to bring specific items, and everything is available in your shop.
I brought almost everything, which cost me Dh 500 in total.
The only thing remaining is a suitcase to take these gifts home, said Abdullah.