The Power of Color: How to Select the Right Clothes?

he Th”Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”
– Wassily Kandinsky

The Power of Color

The right color gives you the power and the ability to elevate your look. Similarly, wearing the colors that suit your personality creates harmony with your appearance giving you a flaunting look. The biggest challenge is selecting the perfect clothes with your personality, skin tone, and hair color.

How to Select the Right Color?

Understanding the meaning of colors and coordinating the right colors together make a significant impact on your overall look. For instance, black, navy, and grey colors are recommended for business meetings, career fairs, and formal events. At the same time, a multi-colored floral pattern dress goes perfectly for a beach party. Undoubtedly, bluish colors are considered universally flattering colors, being less harsh as compared to black and more soothing than brown. It complements the inner beauty regardless of gender and skin tone.

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