Color Theory: Best Colors for Clothing

Color brings attraction to life. Without any doubt, colors are an integral part of clothing, accessories, and footwear. Pigments have an important role in elevating any outfit. Each shade has its own significance and plays its part in adding charm to the entire look.

Color Theory for Clothing

Color theory is a collection of guidelines and rules using a color wheel. Designers use this theory to create harmony between different shades. Let’s have a brief description of using this theory for clothing:

Color VST

VST refers to value, saturation, and temperature. Value is the lightness and darkness of a specific shade compared to white and black. For instance, the darker shades are near black and therefore possess a higher value. Furthermore, saturation defines the intensity and purity of colors. A fully saturated color has no shade or tint; the color is pure itself without the addition of white or black. Finally, temperature refers to the degree of warmness or coolness of a color. For example, blue is the coolest color, whereas orange is the warmest one in the wheel.

Harmonizing Color

Setting your wardrobe in accordance with color VST helps you create harmony in your apparel. Wearing cool colors in warm weather looks pleasing to the eyes. Contrary to dressing up in warm colors in sultry weather. In addition, selecting the dress shade with respect to one’s skin tone also matters.

The Right Contrast

Creating the right contrast in your apparel is essential. The appropriate contrast between the tints and hues of your top and bottom wear balances the outfit and flatters your look. Wearing suitable shades that complement your accessories can also make you look better instantly.

Shopping for the Best Colors

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