Fabric Choice: Choose the Right Material

Fabric is the most critical part of any garment. Regardless of the fact that how beautifully a dress is designed and stitched, if the fabric choice is wrong, it will not do justice to the apparel. Similarly, the material of cloth plays a significant role in the life of an outfit. Clothes from high-quality stuff tend to last longer than fashion outfits with poor material.

How to Choose the Right Fabric?

Are you facing problems while shopping for the perfect material? Here is a brief guideline to simplify your hustle of fabric shopping:


It is essential to determine the weight of the material before purchasing a cloth. Don’t worry; you don’t need to measure the weight at the store. Determining the weight helps you select the best type per season and weather. For instance, light-weighted chiffon and organza are ideal for summer, whereas heavy-weighted denim and twill will play their parts in winter.
Fabric for Cool Climate
Wild silk and khadi offer the best protection from chilly winters. Twill and denim also provide an advantage to block the cold outside; therefore, they are considered a good choice for winter apparel.
Fabric for Hot Climate
Cotton, linen, and mulberry silk are a few of the light-weighted materials considered best for hot climates. When it comes to sustainable stuff, handloom khadi fabric is a perfect choice. It is more breathable and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it remains cool in summer. The most significant advantage of handloom khadi fabric is it is the perfect fabric for all years: keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.


There is no specific parameter for determining the quality of the material. High-quality stuff possesses a distinct, appealing appearance. You can easily differentiate a high-grade dress from a cloth made with poor-quality material. The seams of a good quality outfit are well-sewn, and the buttons are clean and even.
Fabric Choice for Dubai
The temperature in Dubai seldom goes down. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, with an average warm temperature. Therefore, light-weighted, breathable, and comfortable to wear, the fabric is the absolute choice for living in Dubai. You can explore various dress shops Dubai that feature a wide range of high-quality clothing. But if you want to look for cheap shopping places in Dubai that offer high-grade apparel while keeping within budget, there is none other than Zeil Ukay Ukay.

Grab High-quality Fabric from Zeil Ukay Ukay

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